The future of shopping

Collect loyalty points everywhere simply on the phone, exchange them anytime with other customers peer-to-peer and use rewards whenever and whereever you like.


LoyaltyCoin – the future of shopping

Blockchain based loyalty platform, enabling exchange of rewards between customers (decentralized; peer-to-peer)

Customers gain simplicity and choice to collect everywhere, exchange anytime and use loyalty rewards wherever and whenever they like, all simply on their phone.

For our loyalty program partners we design new, unique and tailored digital loyalty programs or integrate their existing program into our growing ecosystem. We offer them a simple set-up, direct access to communicate and activate customers, reach to new customers and full customer journey data analytics.

Blockchain technology enables us to set up an ecosystem with global network benefits for customers without any need for contractual nor financial liabilities between the different loyalty program partners. Since September 2017 customers and partners use our mobile app and blockchain to collect and exchange their loyalty points at our partner shops.

Join today our growing ecosystem; download app or contact us to become a member of our partner network.

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Core team

LoyaltyCoin operative team members
Thomas Goetschmann


CEO, Chairman & Founder
Matthias Luedi


Board of Director
Johan Eckerstein


Head of Product
Peter Mirer


Head of Sales & Business Development
Alexis Michel


Front- & Backend Developer
Alexandre Lazar


Lead Developer & Founder
Dorottya Horvath


Head of Digital Marketing & Communication
Roland Luethy


Head of Legal & Data Analytics

Advisory board

External support of LoyaltyCoin core team
Nicoals Genko


Blockchain Advisor & Founder
Stéphane Rueff


Retail and Loyalty Advisor & Founder


Strategy & Blockchain Advisor

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